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Top 10 Trending Hair Colors – 2023

There are some things in life we just can’t seem to get our hands on and we’re pretty sure we won’t find the perfect hair color in this lifetime. But with the latest trends shaping hair colors, there’s good news.


Women are the driving force behind trending hair color, so it’s no surprise that the next big thing in hair colors will be the hue of the year. Here, we’ll highlight 12 hair color trends for 2023, and reveal why they will be big this year. We’ll also discuss the different hair color trends that were popular in the past, and which hair color colors will be big this year as well.

 What are the most popular hair color trends?

1. Ash Brown

Ash brown
Ash brown

If you’re looking for a fresh and modern hair color, ash brown is definitely worth considering. This trendy shade is a blend of cool grey tones with traditional brunette hues, resulting in a multi-dimensional and sophisticated look. It’s especially flattering on fair to medium skin tones with cool undertones, and can easily be achieved with at-home hair dye. Nicknamed mushroom brown, ash brown is a more subtle alternative to harsh ombré styles of the past. Give this trending hair color a try and add a touch of shine to your look.

2. Brazilian Highlight

Brazilian Highlight Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Brazilian Highlight

Brazilian are most famous for Hair Highlights For frizzy or curly hair, it can be interesting to invest in platinum highlights, with smoky roots, so the hair will have a light air and a very modern look.

In addition, highlights can also be a way to bring changes to the natural hair tone, offering changes and bringing greater depth to the look. Therefore, it is also a trend to invest in highlights and highlights that offer little contrast to the hair.

3. Bright Copper

Bright Copper Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Bright Copper

Considering the fact that it’s such an adaptable tone, you can style rock copper locks like a retro star, a boho chic goddess, or punk rock princess any other day, if you feel like it! If there’s anything to take away from Coppers it is that they are diverse. Some rich, others deep, the occasional Auburn hues and the Intense.

4. Caramel Ombre

Caramel Ombre Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Caramel Ombre

Trending hair colors like the soft and shine-boosting melted caramel ombre may be the perfect choice for you. This color is especially flattering on naturally dark hair and adds a subtle touch of color without being too bold. If you’re hesitant about committing to a major hair transformation, consider starting with an ombre style. It’s a chic and easy-to-wear trend that allows you to experiment with different shades without fully committing to a new hair color. Plus, with the popularity of the more natural-looking ombre style replacing the harsh ombré of the past, you can’t go wrong with this trendy hair color choice.

5. Dark Blonde

Dark Blonde Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Dark Blonde

Dark blonde hair is the darkest shade of blonde, which is still one tone ahead of light brown. Some describe this color as caramel blonde or ash blonde, depending on the warmth, and it pairs well with dark roots that are adding depth against the lighter blonde strands.

6. Fresh Beige

Fresh Beige Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Fresh Beige

If you thought beige was boring, think again. When it comes to beige blonde hair, the color becomes something else entirely; bright, light and show-stopping, from root to tip. The soft-focus hue looks especially flawless in winter, when the cooler light enhances its dreamy radiance, casting a light-reflective sheen that makes beige the blonde Opens in a new tab of the season. Here’s what you need to know about this trending color…

7. Illuminated Brunettes

Illuminated Brunettes
Illuminated Brunettes

lightened brunettes translates to “Morenas iluminadas” in Brazilian Portuguese, and it’s meant to balance between softly brightening up your hair, without escaping your original hair color entirely. The technique involves painting subtle, golden highlights on a naturally dark base in order to achieve a subtle and sun-kissed color transition.

8. Mushroom Blonde

Mushroom Blonde Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Mushroom Blonde

Meet the mushroom blonde: It is a shade of light brown with dark and with gray highlights, this color is practically made for people who would like to darken their hair very light, but without going for a totally dark hair.

9. Pink Lilac

Pink Lilac Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Pink Lilac

This is the “it” combo of the season. Delicate strands of pastel pink and lilac evoke the irresistible hues of French macarons. What a chic upgrade for a lived-in lob!

10. Platinum Hair

Platinum Hair Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon
Platinum Hair

For blondes who like to have their hair super light all year round without losing the health of the strands, ask the colorist to transform them into a shade of autumn-winter with a natural, smoky root. This not only adds depth to your hue, it also extends the life of your color between salon visits.

11. Red Hair

Red Hair Hair Color Rio Brazil Salon 1
Red Hair

By 2023, the redheads that are likely to be most successful will be as close as possible to the natural red, always being pulled closer to copper, leaving the hair bright red in the past.

In addition, for those who like red, you can bet on a more reddish copper, which will bring a wonderful color to your hair, but without losing its elegance.

12. Vanilla Blond

Vanilla Blond
Vanilla Blond

Vanilla blonde is a soft, warm, yet still sparklingly bright blonde – perfect for sunny summer days (or lack thereof). The color balances cool and warm tones perfectly- it has all the intense brightness of platinum, but with the warm summery goodness of more honey-toned shades

Why does your hair color trend matter?

A lot of people think that the color of your hair is a personal choice. However, some colors look better on some skin tones than others. There are certain hair colors that look good on darker skin tones and others that work better on lighter skin. The same goes for hair colors that work better for some skin colors. If you are trying to decide which hair color is best for you, it might help to pay attention to which colors tend to look the best on your skin.

How can you create a unique look for yourself?

Once you’ve decided on a particular style, the next thing to do is to think about how you can give it a unique look. Many hairstyles are so simple that they can easily be taken off the shelf, but if you really want to make something special out of your hair, you need to consider the color, texture, and cut that will go with the style.

The best advice is to start with the color that feels best on you. You don’t need to make a huge commitment just yet. You should always test colors on your hand, a piece of clothing, or even your skin if you have a chance. Once you have a feel for what you like, you can move onto applying the color. Here are some tips to follow for the perfect color match.

If you are thinking about changing your hair color, there are a lot of choices available. While you might be drawn to something that is popularly viewed as more edgy or daring, you have to make sure that this choice fits you. Choosing a hair color that looks bad on you can make you look older or look like you have an aversion to certain colors. A lot of people don’t even consider the thought of hair coloring because they think it is a scary thing. There are many options to choose from and you need to choose carefully.

How can you use a hair color trend to stand out from the crowd?

Color trends are a great way to add a pop of color to your style. They’re also a great way to express yourself, so they can be used to help you stand out from the crowd. If you want to stand out, it’s important to know what colors are trending and what colors aren’t. If you don’t know, then you might not be able to tell if you’re rocking a trend or not.

There are several ways to figure out what colors are popular. You can look at the top searches on Google Trends and check out the top colors.

The best way to find out what colors are popular is to talk to your friends and family. Ask them what colors they’re seeing. They might have a few trends that they’re rocking, so you can take note of those.


In conclusion, The key to finding the right hair color for your hair is to get the right colorist, who can really see your hair and tell you what you need and want. With a great colorist, you’ll get a better result. When it comes to choosing a hair color for your hair, you have to remember that the color is never quite the same on different parts of your body. This is why having a professional help you find the right color for your hair is so important.

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