The Brazilian Fiberglass Nails are trending. With our Brazilian technique, we will get your nails clean & perfect, unlike the traditional
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Fiberglass Nails have been gaining more and more space in the beauty world, but many people still confuse it with gel nails, however, its technique requires much more work on the part of the professional and its benefits are far superior. the technique promises a natural look, elongated and very resistant in the hands. Fiberglass Nail is a great solution because, unlike the traditional procedure in which it is necessary to redo it every week, its return for maintenance is from 15 to 20 days depending on the growth of each client's nail, therefore, makes it possible to gain free time for other tasks with wonderful nails.


This stretching technique ensures beautiful nails, with a very natural look and that last for a long time. The stretching technique consists of sticking tips (extensions) on the tips of natural nails. After that, an acrylic mixture is passed over them to make the joint. The process also includes sanding and polishing to shape and give it a natural look, leaving it in the shape you prefer, and enameling at the end. Among the doubts about the use of acrylic nails is their durability. If well cared for, they can last up to 8 months. However, to reach that time, maintenance is needed every 20 or 30 days, especially due to the growth of natural nails.


The strengthening of nails is guaranteed, since the gel protects them, preventing them from breaking or chipping easily. So they can grow up beautiful and healthy; .The shine provided by the gel finish is something not only achieved by ordinary nail polish.

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A Brazilian manicure & pedicure has a lot in common with car detailing. It’s defined by how carefully the nails as well hand and feet are cleaned. The goal is to make each nail look like a sparkling little gem, so each nail gets clipped, shaped, and polished with the same care applied by Antwerp diamond cutters.

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