Brazilian Hair Extensions


We exclusively have 100% Natural Brazilian Hair Extensions. Try our unique hair extension technique with Rio Brazil Salon.

Brazilian Invisible Hair Extension​

Rio Brazil Salon offers the most innovated technique  are the best hair extensions! Brazilian Invisible Hair Extension is a hair extension method that uses a flexible, beaded foundation to create movement and comfort. The hair is stitched into this beaded foundation in such a way to hide the attachment points to your natural hair completely.

Brazilian Tape-in Hair Extension​

For women who are afraid of harming the health of the hair or those who are still in doubt about whether or not to get hair extension, the application in the form of duct tape is a good option. The adhesive appliqué has the advantage of not harming the natural hair, in addition to having an easy and quick application as it does not leave any kind of protrusion that could be evident on the scalp.
It’s no longer just about length and volume. If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning or struggling to grow your hair for one of many reasons, you’re not alone. Add unstoppable confidence with the hair you’ve always wanted.

At Rio Brazil Salon, we offer the highest quality Hair Salon services in Kuwait. We offer the best experience and service you’ll find anywhere in the area. Read on to learn all about the amazing services we provide to all of our customers. Book an appointment with us today and treat yourself to one of our many top of the line services!

What to Expect from a Hair Color Consultation?

If you're thinking of coloring your hair, a hair color consultation will come in extremely helpful. Whether you're a newbie to the world of hair extension or have done it for years but just want to try something completely different, you'll benefit from this service.

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Have you ever imagined having long hair overnight? Our Hair Extension allows you to have the size and volume of the desired color and highlights at any time.

Our Techniques has become a fashion in the world, as it is a totally safe method that does not cause any side effects, as long as it is applied by competent and experienced professionals.

Before doing the hair extension, we make a detailed evaluation, to identify what type of hair and colors will be used in your application, so that the result is the best, and that the hair can be identical to yours.

The extension must be the same color as the hair that will receive the application. With our Natural Brazilian Hair Extension allows the woman to have the same movements and care that she would have with her own hair.

Entering the sea, swimming pool, flat iron, babyliss, combing, drying and enjoying any type of leisure can be done without worrying about ruining the stretching.


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The most recommended thing is to dye the extension before placement. Natural hair pigments are different from hair extension, so the dye takes a different time for pigmentation.

It is recommended to choose the one that has the most similar texture so as not to make a difference. There are thick and / or thin hair, if mixed the result is not natural.

Extensions can be used not only to lengthen the hair, but also to add volume. The Brazilian Actress Juliana Paes used the hairpiece to play “Gabriela” and kept her long, wavy locks. The most common techniques are with keratin glue, which is more durable and hypoallergenic. There are also interlace, Italian knots, great lengths and hot heads (with tape).

The maintenance of the Hair Extension must be bimonthly (it can be done at most quarterly), to accompany the growth of the thread and not cause knots in the hair. There are natural and processed ones. If it is virgin hair, it can be replaced several times. The processed one, on the other hand, can only be placed once, and are changed at each maintenance.

It is essential to moisturize the hair weekly or at most fortnightly. Care is the same with natural long hair. A good maintenance of the Hair Extension is the success to have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.

Not necessarily. The use of leave-in is recommended to give emollience and make it easier to untangle the wires, without pulling the mega hair.

On the beach or pool you should always use protective creams. Never apply cream to the roots of the wires. Care is very similar to natural hair. The secret is to hydrate and take care of the wires.

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