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Embrace your inner superstar with a personalized hair color tailored to complement your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty. Trust our team of Brazilian hair experts for a transformative experience.
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Rio Brazil Salon offers the latest hair color trends for 2023. Upgrade your look with our Exclusive Brazilian Technique for a transformative experience. From bold hues to subtle shades, trust our team for a trendy and refreshed look. Upgrade your look and stand out from the crowd.

Your hair color can make or break your look. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends. At Rio Brazil Salon, we’re experts in creating personalized hair color that brings out your best features and complements your skin tone.

In 2023, certain shades will be especially popular. Want to know which ones? Visit our blog for the latest information on the top trending hair colors. You can also check out our Instagram account to see our most recent work and get inspiration for your next transformation.

Brazilian Highlights​

Brazilian women are known for long, shiny, and sun-kissed hair. Brazilian hair highlights are a style that’s quickly gaining popularity in the beauty world. If you're looking for a little boost in your beauty routine, consider Brazilian hair highlights. These are the fun part! They come in a wide range of colors (including blonde) and are perfect if you've been wanting to spice up your locks but haven't wanted to go the whole hog.


Balayage is a freehand highlighting technique, and we don't usually use aluminum foil to separate your hair. Balayage creates a smooth, natural gradation of lightness along the hair shaft - usually a little deeper near the scalp and lighter at the ends.

Color Correction​

Color correction is the most suitable procedure for those who underwent a transformation that did not turn out as expected, either because the application was uneven or because the chosen shade did not match their skin tone.

Hair Toning / Rinsage​

It is possible to correct or personalize your hair color with a hair toning / Rinsage. It can be used to add natural or more visible tones after a professional color treatment. As a result, it enhances the look of your hair.

Root Retouch​

Color correction is the most suitable procedure for those who underwent a transformation that did not turn out as expected, either because the application was uneven or because the chosen shade did not match their skin tone.

About Brazilian Hair Extensions

Have you ever imagined having long hair overnight? Our Hair Extension allows you to have the size and volume of the desired color and highlights at any time.

Our Techniques has become a fashion in the world, as it is a totally safe method that does not cause any side effects, as long as it is applied by competent and experienced professionals.

Before doing the hair extension, we make a detailed evaluation, to identify what type of hair and colors will be used in your application, so that the result is the best, and that the hair can be identical to yours.

The extension must be the same color as the hair that will receive the application. With our Natural Brazilian Hair Extension allows the woman to have the same movements and care that she would have with her own hair.

Entering the sea, swimming pool, flat iron, babyliss, combing, drying and enjoying any type of leisure can be done without worrying about ruining the stretching.

Application and Maintenance

At Rio Brazil Salon, we understand that getting hair extensions can be a big decision, we will provide you with the process of getting and maintain your extension.

  • During the consultation, our hair experts will also evaluate your hair's health, density and texture, to ensure that it is a suitable candidate for extensions.
  • We will match the color of the extensions to your natural hair as closely as possible to ensure a natural-looking result. If your natural hair requires any color processing, we will make sure to do it prior to the extensions application.
  • Our experts will begin the application process. The application time varies depending on the type of extensions you choose and the amount of hair you want added, but generally, it takes around 2-4 hours to apply.
  • We will provide you with a detailed explanation on how to maintain and care for your extensions to ensure they last as long as possible. Each type of extensions has a different lifespan and maintenance schedule.
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Achieve Your Dream Hair Color with Brazilian Expertise

Get your dream hair color at Rio Brazil Salon. Our team of Brazilian experts use Exclusive Brazilian Technique for personalized, skin-tone complementing color.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brazilian hair color is a technique that is known for its ability to enhance natural beauty and bring out the best in a person's features. It creates rich, natural-looking color that doesn't look too harsh or artificial. Our hair colorists use techniques like balayage and ombre to create a graduated effect that looks natural and effortless. Additionally, Brazilian hair color products often use natural ingredients like coconut oil and keratin, which nourish and strengthen the hair while coloring it.
Some of the benefits of Brazilian hair color include: natural-looking color, healthy-looking hair, minimal damage, and personalized consultations.
The longevity of Brazilian hair color depends on factors such as the initial color, the chosen color, and how well the hair is taken care of at home. Typically, the color will start to fade after 4-6 weeks and will need to be retouched.
Brazilian hair color can be used on all hair types, but the results may vary. A consultation with one of our Brazilian hair experts will help determine the best approach for your specific hair type.
The frequency of Brazilian hair color depends on your desired look and how fast your hair grows. Typically, touch-ups are needed every 4-6 weeks.
It is recommended to wait at least 3 days after a Brazilian Keratin Treatment before coloring your hair.
We use Brazilian products and technique to apply the color is different, creating a more natural-looking and blended result.
At Rio Brazil Salon, we use high-quality hair color products that are free from harmful chemicals.
The cost of Brazilian hair color varies depending on the service and length of hair. We recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our Brazilian hair experts to get an accurate quote.
You can book an appointment for hair extensions by visiting our website, calling our salon, or stopping by in person. During the appointment, our hair experts will evaluate your hair and discuss your goals to determine the best type of extensions for you. They will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for

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