Fibre Clinix Volumize Bodifying Spray

Fibre Clinix Volumize Bodifying Spray with Triple Bonding and C21 Technology instantly detangles fine and weak hair while connecting inner hair bonds. The formula with Phytokine provides volume and stabilises the hair. Prolongs the effect of the Fibre Clinix in-salon service.

Key benefits
The hair is fine and weak
Improves strength and volume without weighing down the hair, enhances smoothness and shine
Stabilises and controls the hair to prevent hair static
Protects from blow-dry damage

C21 TECHNOLOGY What is it? A highly effective conditioning agent that works on the hair’s surface by using the biomimetic principle of lipid replenishment. Virgin hair is protected by an outer layer of 21 hydrocarbons called proteolipids, a combination of proteins and fatty acids. Damaged hair loses this protective layer. The C21 Technology restores the C21-Lipid chains, which is more than the previous C18-Lipid chains. This brings the cuticle closer to natural perfection for improved shine, manageability and natural movement. TRIPLE BONDING TECHNOLOGY What is it? The advanced bonding technology, which is based on 10 years of research and strengthens the hair structure from within. It features a trivalent ion that builds new bonds through the creation of a 3-dimensional network inside the hair fibre. The Fibre Clinix regimen increases elasticity, resilience and leads to hair that is up to 10x stronger.* FIBRE CLINIX VOLUMIZE with Phytokine provides a lasting anti-static effect, control and stability to the hair. Phytokine is a soy bean extract, modified by biotechnology. In skincare Phytokine is known for rebuilding the dermis, through its efficient activation of collagen. It effectively corrects skin elasticity and restores the in-depth water reservoir of the skin. *When used with Fibre Clinix regimen vs. untreated hair

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