Mousse Bio Restorative Moisturizing Facial Flér Apple Skin 45g

Moisturizing mousse that spreads on the skin in a velvety and mattifying sensorial. Treatment and maintenance of skin microbiota diversity, immediate and 24-hour hydration, restoration of the water reservoir and dermis homeostasis by strengthening the immune physical barrier function.

Dermatologically tested.

Active Ingredients:

  • Ecobiotic
  • Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid vectored by Organic Silicon
  • Fucogel
  • Vitamin E.

How to use:

  • Professional: spread on clean and dry skin all over the face. Do not remove.
  • Home Care: daily use. Apply on clean and dry skin, morning and night. To treat the microbiota and the skin’s protective barrier, use should be continuous, twice a day, and especially at night. Use can be associated with sun protection.

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