Nail Care Tips: 10 Handy Tips to Get Strong and Healthy Nails

Nail Care: Whether you have nails that are chipping or breaking, or nails that look fine but aren’t strong enough, you’re probably wondering how to get better looking and healthier and stronger nails.


From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, your hands and nails are always exposed to a variety of factors that can lead to various kinds of nail problems.

Some of these factors include excessive sweating, cold weather, dry weather, chapped hands, and even poor diet. All of these can cause your nails to become cracked, rough, and brittle. This can make your nails look discolored and unsightly.

To prevent this from happening to you, try these simple tips to keep your nails in great shape. Use a Nail File When you have rough, damaged nails, you should use a nail file to help them smooth out. You can find nail files at your local drugstore or even online.

Many people have problems with their nails, and it can be frustrating. However, by following a few simple steps, you can avoid common nail problems and achieve great-looking nails without much effort.

Signs of Healthy Nails:

  • Nail plates are a pinkish-white color
  • Cuticles are clean
  • Nails and white tips are even lengths
  • Prominent half-moon shaped white section (called the lunula) at nail base

Signs of Un-Healthy Nails:

  • Peeling or splitting nails could be dryness or the result of vitamin deficiency
  • Tiny white spots usually mean you’re biting your nails or painting them too often
  • Horizontal grooves could be from stress, high fevers, or jamming your finger
  • Red, swollen skin around nails could be from removing or biting cuticles
  • Spoon-shaped nails could be a sign of iron deficiency or anemia

Good nutrition

healthy foods

It’s probably the most obvious tip. Your hair, nails, and skin are affected by what you eat. A well-balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals can keep your nails strong. A multi-vitamin supplement can provide additional nutrition, help protect your body from health issues, and may also help promote good health.

It’s always important to check with your doctor before trying new supplements. You should also have a medical assessment before taking a new supplement.

2. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

woman drinking water

Water is essential for healthy nails and skin. The human body is about 60% water. We need it for our organs to function properly. Without water, our bodies will begin to malfunction. Our nails and skin are no exception. They will dry out, crack, and split if we don’t drink enough water. If you’re feeling thirsty, you may be dehydrated. This means that you need to drink more water than normal.  

What we recommend:

  • It’s a good idea to carry a reuseable water bottle. This is a great way to stay hydrated and is perfect for if you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or somewhere you can’t access water. It’s also a nice reminder to top up during the day. The best thing about carrying your own water bottle is that you’re not buying disposable plastic water bottles and doing your bit to prevent plastic waste.
  • Drinking water during and after meals is a simple way to ensure you stay hydrated. And if you’re suffering from dry, brittle nails, adding water to your diet can help prevent that.
  • Most people think of the “healthy drink” as water. But for nail health, experts suggest choosing water over juices or sodas. According to Dr. O’Toole, “water will help prevent bacterial growth in the nails and strengthen them as they grow.” He goes on to say that if the body is properly hydrated, the nails will grow faster and stronger.

3. Decrease exposure to water.

person washing hands at the sink

To maintain healthy nails, your hands need to stay dry and avoid getting wet. However, you can help prevent hand and nail problems by using a good hand soap. The best products contain natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals. They also contain moisturizers and oils that coat the skin. Avoid soaps that contain harsh detergents.

4. Be aware of the products that you use.

painting a nail

Don’t assume that the nail products you use are safe. Nail products contain chemicals that can cause health problems. When choosing nail products, read the labels carefully and choose products that don’t contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and toluene. If you’re using polish remover, choose one that doesn’t contain formaldehyde and toluene.

Your nails might benefit from some short breaks from nail polish and gel, to give them a chance to strengthen and breathe.

5. Nail health should be the priority over length.

If your nails are weak and damaged, it’s best to keep them short for now. Weak nails struggle to maintain length, so keep them short until they strengthen. File them smoothly to prevent breakages and snags and your nails will strengthen in no time.

How to file your nails properly:

  • Dont file your nails back and forth. Doing this can cause your nails to become weaker. Go easy on the sides of your nails and avoid pulling on them.
  • Soft nail files are great because they allow you to remove those little nicks and bumps from your nails without scratching them. They’re also cheaper than hard nail files and will last longer.
  • Starting on the outside and moving your way to the inside helps you achieve a smoother edge and can help you shape your nail however you please.  

6. Keep your hands and nails moisturized

person squeezing cream onto skin

Dry skin and cracked nails are common problems among women. And yet, many people don’t understand why it happens. It’s not because they’re not taking care of themselves. It’s because the skin and nails are two parts of the body that get neglected. There are several reasons why women tend to neglect their hands and feet, but a lack of understanding of what causes dry skin and cracked nails is one of the main reasons.

7. Avoid using too much hand sanitizer

person washing hands

In addition to the fact that hand sanitizer dries out your hands and nails, it can be hard on the skin around your nails. “Using hand sanitizer for longer than five minutes or so will dry out your hands and cuticles, and overuse can even lead to brittle nails,” says Dr. Elizabeth Miller, podiatric physician at the University of Virginia. “You also need to consider that alcohol is an irritant and can cause dry skin, especially if you use it on your hands and feet.”

8. Don’t use your nails as tools

Do not use your nails as tools because it will hurt the nail and make the nail unhealthy. Nails are not designed to be tools for tasks like opening bottles, tearing open cardboard boxes, or scraping away paint. They can break easily and cause injury to other parts of your body if you use them improperly.

9. Cuticles are best left alone

Cuticles are the skin that cover the nail plate and protect the nail bed. They can be removed by using an orange stick, but this is not recommended as it can cause infection. The skin of your nails is there to protect your fingertips from bacteria and fungus, so it’s important not to pick at or cut them.

10. Finally, get a manicure once in a while

person getting nails done

Professional manicures and pedicures can improve your nails’ health and strength. A nail technician uses professional products to help your nails look healthy.

Your nail care expert will use a strengthening base coat to prevent the nails from peeling or becoming weak by using polish too often. Regularly maintaining your nails means they’re strong and healthy. A good manicure will remove rough edges, dry cuticles, and other debris.

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Tay Medispa nails

The tips above will help keep your nails healthy. It is important that you take care of yourself and make sure you are eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and building upon your self-care routine because having healthy nails and hands can impact your mental health and well-being.

It may seem like a lot of things go into taking care of your nails. A few healthy habits can make a big difference in your nail health. There are many benefits to having your nails done every now and then. A qualified nail technician has the best experience and knowledge of caring for and strengthening nails and can advise the best products and tips for looking after your nails.

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